... to find a position within

a workplace that challenges me

to perform and to improve my skills;

an environment that offers me

to help workmates and to serve clients

as much as to learn from them;

opportunity for growth and

career advancements.

My name is Anna Chen, a graphic designer,

problem-solver, natural collaborator, and world-changer. Awarded Bachelor of Design (BDes) at The University of New South Wales, Australia in 2011, majoring in graphic and jewelry.

I turn boring to fun/dynamic with my creativity.
I assertively believe that design is more than just choosing colors, typefaces, shapes, and images. It is about juggling between delivering a clear information and presenting a masterpiece that awes the audiences; and it is always a thin line between ugly and beautiful.


Over the past few years, I have worked in

Australia's leading creative production company and also in one of Australia's largest media company; and this yearexploring government and non-for-profit sector have caught my attention.

I always see myself as part of a team that has an important purpose. For me, workplace is never just a place to get income. It is a place where I learn and share the things that are meaningful with those who dwells in the same boat. I am passionate in cultivating a positive culture and constantly strive to improve my own capability and that of others around me.

My goals in life are to make great impacts in whatever position which I am in; be an inspiration and a blessing to my surroundings. Always content in spite of relentlessly in pursuit of my goals. I enjoy the process of creating a better world, through designWithout it, the world is a dull place to live.

Other than love being a designer,

I also love fashion, travelling, high tea sessions, patterns, Big Bang Theory series and crafts.

IPC Randwick

2013 / Australia Pamphlet: O-week Pal.ette by Anna Chen